Benefits of Yogic Practices

Benefits of Yogic breathing [PDF]

Description of Yogic breathing [PDF]

Releaving tensions with yoga [PDF]

Class Programs

Gentle yoga [PDF]

Continuation level yoga [PDF]

Yoga Postures and Yoga Nidra tracks (mp3)

01. Shavasana and Complete Breath

02. Abdominal Strengthener

03. Cat Pose

04. Kandarasana and Spinal Twist

05. Salutations to the Sun

06. Yoga Nidra (**Coming soon – My 17minute file too large for upload**)

Check out some Yoga Nidra from Uma’s Yoga Nidra Network

Or try some beautiful practices with Swami Vedantananda

Useful Links

Good description of Swami Niranjananda’s “Capsule” (Page 14-15): Brochure from Satyanada Ashram Greece [PDF]