Autumn/Winter Weekly Yoga Classes

Online Yoga at Purecamping while we move through this pandemic

Although attending Yoga with others in a room is preferable for most, needs must and I am happy to be able to offer Yoga classes online until it is safe to move back into a physical group environment. I have a virtual room setup in Zoom and  you can join the class that suits you best. I can see you all on your mats with a large screen, so I can give you as much guidance as possible. I can see you, which helps me connect and gives us all a feeling of being together. the classes are bookable in the events section and once you are registered, I will send a meeting invite to you.

Wednesday online at Purecamping

8-9.30pm – Gentle Yoga
Suitable for beginners or those with some experience of Yoga but preferring a gentle class. First ten minutes of the class is concerned with settling the body with a body scan and Yogic breathing. This is followed by Asanas or postures to improve both flexibility and strength. The last 10 minutes of the class is for Pranayama and a Yoga Nidra deep relaxation.

Contact Trea on 086 3819 216 to book these sessions at Purecamping. Full term commitment is required for these classes.

Alternatively you could try out some of the Yoga programs that I’ve put together here.

Autumn/Winter Yoga Classes Booking

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Summer Yoga and Meditation classes

Weekend Silent Sitting (Self-practice meditation) 8-8:30am during summer months (June-August). No Fee.

Weekend Campers Yoga 9am-10am during summer months (June-August).

Drop-in Yoga classes Wednesdays at 8pm

Cost: Per 1 hour class, €12 per adult and €6 per child.

Please text 086 3819 216 to confirm attendance as space is limited.


Summer Yoga Classes Booking

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Escape from the busyness... with some 'slow' Yoga... restorative... deep tension releasing poses ... the mind follows.... tensions released... and clarity replaces the 'fog'. We will warm up with slow salutations and drop down onto thick soft Yoga mats, into classical restorative Yoga poses. We will practice each pose keeping in mind the Koshas, the layers of our beings.... the physical aspect, pranic or energy aspect, lower mind, higher mind and bliss body..... #yoga #classes #meditation #loveloophead @westofclare @thewildatlanticway @loopheadtourism #clare #ireland ...

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