Is Mise Trea

Hari Om,

I’m Trea (Is mise Trea, in Gaeilge) and I’m trained in the Satyananda Yoga tradition. I teach Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra.

I was introduced to Yoga in 1992 when I attended classes at the Galway School of Yoga with Swami Chetan Murti and Swami Shraddha Murti. I loved the mix of physical postures, breathing practices and meditation. Later on I delved deeper into Yoga on my travels in Australia and in India almost beginning a Gita Yoga teacher training in Melbourne in 1999. But home called and I returned to the source, to the Galway School of Yoga and began a teacher training in their Athenry training centre in 2001. I wanted to teach Yoga because I wanted to share it in my own community.

I love this yoga system, it’s so accessible, it’s so practical, it’s special. The system has been handed down from what is still a living lineage of traditional Yoga from the Bihar School of Yoga in India.

Yoga is a life long practice and a life long learning experience. Since my initial training, I’ve been lucky enough to have trained with many highly experienced teachers. I’ve trained specifically to teach Yoga to children, Pre and Post Natal Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Chakra awareness. I’ve participated in residential retreats and programs up to 2 weeks at a time in Sweden, India and of course Athenry.

I currently teach year round in my own Yoga centre here on the Loop Head Peninsula, teaching all age groups, teaching all levels of Yoga and Meditation. During the winter months I also teach in Kilrush, teaching an Arthritis Ireland group and Chair Yoga.

In 2018, I ran a series of Meditation workshops called ‘Mind Your Own Mind’ to help students to develop a regular mediation practice. This was the seed for the ‘Breathe’ Meditation cd which I recorded with Luka Bloom. I’m very grateful to him for his support on this beautiful project.

I hope to see you for some Yoga in this beautiful part of the world some time.

Slán agus Beannacht,

+353 (0)86 381 9216