Why Meditate?

These are some of the reasons why you may like to begin a regular meditation practice:

  • Brings clarity of mind
  • Promotes good health and happiness
  • Can reduce stress and stress related ailments and disease such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancers.
  • Improves concentration
  • Gives perspective in difficult times
  • Provides a path to intuitive knowledge or a universal intelligence
  • Trains us to be the witness

Practice Tips

  • To meditate you must first have the desire to meditate.
  • Prepare a “sacred” space and make time for your practice.
  • Get the right seated position, be warm and comfortable.
  • You must make sure that you won’t be disturbed. But if it happens, try not to get frustrated … smile and be grateful for having got as far as you did. There is always later in the day or tomorrow.
  • Most importantly, have no expectations. Every day is different.

Meditation to ‘Mind Your Mind’

These were a series of meditation sessions that I ran in 2018/2019 giving you practical tips to develop your own regular meditation practice. They started with some gentle Yoga stretches to prepare your body for sitting quietly which is the first step in any meditation practice. There are well defined steps to develop the discipline to bring you to that quiet space and we explored them in these sessions.

Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and to improve the immunity of the body and the mind. Practiced regularly (15-20 minutes per day) it can bring greater clarity to your thinking and help you to gain perspective.

We will be adding, posts to our blog over time which might be helpful to you on your meditation journey.

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Fancy a morning of mindful movement, breathwork and Meditation? 🧘‍♀️

Join me next Saturday, May 6th at The Little Studio at Purecamping.

€50 includes lunch and an optional sauna at 1.30.

Message Trea on 086 3819216 to find out more.

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🌿In 'The Little Yoga Studio' at Purecamping with Trea, this Saturday.
🌿Learn postures that will help you to improve your strength, stability and range of motion.
🌿Find out how to build a solid practice to give you long term benefits.
🌿Get some headspace and clarity in this tranquil retreat space.
🌿26 acres of wild land. 10 acres of native woodland
🌿 18m wide Labyrinth
🌿 Wooden Barrel Sauna.

€75 for the day including lunch and sauna.

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Perfect last minute getaway for a few friends or a family.
Plus the Loop Head Nature Weekend is on with loads of talks and walks to choose from 🌿🦋🏊🐳
I've a Yoga day too in Saturday if you wanted to make that part of your break 🧘🏻‍♀️

@wildloophead @loopheadtourism @visitclare @shannonestuaryway @wildatlanticway

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Retreat about to start.
Looking forward to learning some trips & tricks from Siobhán @naked_forager on this Vegan cooking and Yoga retreat 🌿🦋🌿

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I completed my 2 year Satyananda Yoga training in Athenry with the Galway School of Yoga 20 years ago. It was about 700 contact hours at the time. It was a vocation and we ate, slept and dreamt Yoga for that period. Chetan and Shraddha Murti were our teachers, mentors, counsellers and more. We laughed and cried and made friends for life.
Annual In-service training is part of being a teacher and as a teacher, you want to keep learning and exploring.
This most recent training hit the spot for what I needed as a 52 yr old post-menopausal woman. I needed strength more than stretching. I needed to know more, and the anatomy of Yoga, why does it work? How do we get our muscles, connective tissues, nervous system to adapt? How long does it take? It gave me a vocabulary that I was missing, it delved deep into the Fascial Body, demonstrated how Yoga is a Skillful Movement Practice and that Yoga can give you long - term benefits. That is why we are doing it, isn't it?

And on that note, I'm heading to the source for 2 weeks, the Mandala Yoga Ashram, a Satyananda Yoga centre, to chant and meditate, to take care of those subtle elements of this being so I can recharge my batteries and prepare for the busy season ahead and so I can authentically pass some of these practices on to my students.

Om Tat Sat 🙏
I'm grateful to have found Yoga and to be in a position to retreat like this.
Be patient and extra kind to Kevin if your are coming to stay 😍

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Retreat food 🍲 home made hummus with Falafel
Retreat Into Nature 🌿
Time Well Spent 😴 🧘🏻‍♀️

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Greetings Yogis. Drop-in Yoga begins tonight in 'The Little Yoga Studio' at Purecamping Wednesday 8-9pm. Pay as you go €12 per class. Message me to book a spot, spaces limited. 🔥 😁🧘🏻‍♀️🙏Trea

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The Little Yoga Studio at Purecamping in County Clare waiting for you.

June schedule:
🌿 'Suaimhneas' Retreat Day 18th
🧘🏻‍♀️ Drop in Yoga (Wed eve 8pm, Thu and Sat mornings 9-10am)

You can book here: https://purecamping.ie/events/

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Doing my best to focus on my 'fascial body', and the experts in range of motion walk past. Come on lads and lassies.... Move on....

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Sauna setup for a family. I love the smell of the wood as the fire takes off and the oils in the water smell blissful 💦🌿

Our Yoga days and Retreat weekends include Sauna time. All part of the Suaimhneas offerings here at Purecamping.

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Join me for some Yoga moves and mind your mind with some meditation this summer 🙏

'Pure Suaimhneas, I have no words. I feel so alive."
"'What a fantastic day. Feel like a new woman. "
Quotes from guests at recent Yoga day.

🌿 June 11-12th COOK-YOGA-RELAX mid-summer Yoga retreat.
Stay in a cosy cabin or bell tent. Perfect for sharing with friends.

🌿 June 18th Retreat
A day retreat to soak up the 'Suaimhneas' at Purecamping.

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#KeepDiscovering #glamping
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'Suaimhneas' Yoga day today.
Gorgeous sunshine.
Falafel and hummus filled our bellies.
We walked and swam, warmed ourselves in the sauna and challenged our bodies.
Sank into #shavasana in the end.

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Sink into this mat, into this space.
Join us in our Little Yoga Studio at Purecamping for some 'Suaimhneas' (Irish for Tranquility or Serenity)

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End of my teaching term in the community for this season. Finished with a lovely group in #kilbaha in #hallaeoin. Lucky me teaching in this gorgeous spot out on the tip of the West of Ireland.
Back to Purecamping drop in classes and retreats shortly.

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🦋 Learn how to Cook vegan food
🦋 Learn and practice some YOGA moves to take home with you
🦋 Take the opportunity to RELAX with us at Purecamping

🌿 Stay in the most beautiful cosy cabins and canvas under the stars 🌿

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Learn how to cook Vegan food, simple Yoga flows to build strength, Meditation to mind your mind.
Stay in Cool cabins or cosy bell tents.
Book now, link in bio.
Just 2 cabins and 1 Bell Tent left!

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Sun going down as we waited for our guests to arrive to the Orchid cabin last night Weather looking good. Pizza oven and Sauna booked. It's all happening.

Trad music in @keanesbarcarrigaholt
@mags.keane.3 Carrigaholt later
🌿🦋 🌿 ☘️

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Grab a friend. Let's Go!
Just a couple of spaces left for this day retreat at Purecamping coming up soon.
* Yoga & Meditation
* Lunch
* Walk
* Sauna
* Slow Yoga and Yoga Nidra

#yoga #meditation #retreat #retreatintonature #noticenature #lovenature #clare #ireland #keepdiscovering

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