Eco-Camping and Glamping in County Clare, Ireland

Furnished Tents, Cosy Cabins, Yoga & Meditation


From May through to September, we offer “Cosy Camping” or “Glamping” in our cool canvas Bell Tents and off-grid wooden cabins. Limited Pitches for tents and camper vans, enquire by email. Wake to the sounds of country life, Explore trails through our native woodland or take a 15 minute walk to the local shore and pier and bring your togs for a dip in case the tide is in! A true getaway.


Why not try some Yoga or meditation while you are here? Weekly drop-in Yoga classes run in our bright cosy Yoga room with Trea. We host a Women and Girls Yoga weekend in May, Yoga and Vegan cookery retreat in June and the Loop Head Wellness Weekend in September. A Yoga class may be the perfect group activity for your getaway with friends.


At our retreat space, we offer a selection of experiences that keep you firmly connected to the outdoor environment where you can enjoy all the benefits of nature bathing. Spending time in nature has been proven to enhance wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally for young and old. Some events are off-site activities such as Dolphin watching or Horse-riding.

Purecamping Events


Booking open Yoga and Vegan cooking Retreat

11/06/202113/06/2021From 225.00
Flow, Eat and Grow @ Purecamping. Be Well, Eat Well...

Event full ‘Nourish’ Women and Girls retreat

Treat yourself and the girls in your life with a...

Booking open Yoga and Vegan cooking Retreat

17/09/202119/09/2021From 225.00
Flow, Eat and Grow @ Purecamping. Be Well, Eat Well...


A great family campsite!

We had a fantastic time at the Purecamping site.


Great campsite. The bell tent was very nice. Even though the campsite was full when I was there it was still well spaced out and they don’t allow the place to get overcrowded.

Wild and wonderful

What a wonderful campsite. This is our second time back and we love it even more.

Pure magic

Back again to Pure camping. We’d been there two years previous and felt that we needed our fix!

Great campsite for bicycle touring

This is a great campsite and perfect for bike tourists for a few reasons…

Great for novice and experienced campers – wonderful owners and fantastic site

Kevin and Trea are fantastic hosts and can be proud of all their work on this lovely site. There’s such a lovely vibe on the site and you can see everyone enjoying themselves.

Magical campsite!

Camped in the woods amidst native Irish woodland. Woken by beautiful birdsong at dawn, including a cuckoo! Our clearing was next to an ancient ring fort (beware of the fairies!!) and had a small fire pit, for which you can buy wood to burn.

Natural camping experience

Trea and Kevin are lovely hosts and make you feel welcome on this beautiful piece of land. The campground is beautifully located and it almost does not feel like you are on a campground at all.

nice welcoming place

A friend mine told me about this place referring to it as a “hippy campsite” ? , so I decided to stay there on my cycle tour. It’s not actually a place where hippy’s hang out, but it has that kind of vibe I guess ?

Purecamping on Instagram

Hi from Betty and Jack.
No filter needed for these photogenic donkeys waiting for their pedicure. Lucky them 😂

#loveloophead #noticenature #retreatintonature #simplethings #donkeys

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Blackthorn blossom.

#noticenature #loveloophead #lovenature #woodland

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Cuckoo flower or Lady's Smock.
Chiff Chaff in the background.
Summer is coming.
🌿 🦋 🌿

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Looking forward to celebrating St. Patrick's day like this again 🇮🇪

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🐸 Meet the Purecamping frogs on our 'Frog blog' Spring has sprung and our frogs have returned to their pond to create the next generation with frog spawn in abundance.
🐸 Kevin's wildlife camera shows us some of the action beautifully in a couple of clips on the blog. Make sure to keep wild areas in your garden and around your pond to give the frogs some protection. Frogs might help to keep the slugs away from your veggies.
🐸🐸I love all the commotion that Tony Whelan of Canola Pictures captures in this little film clip 🐸

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Want to find out how to make these winter days a little bit easier?
I'm working on this blog post, or article (which word do you prefer??) but I'm sure that you all have your own methods and rituals to keep you and your family going. I'd love to hear your thoughts, from Netflix to board games, Yoga to cold water swimming, cuddling up under blankets to bracing the elements on a hike. I'll happily add your words of wisdom to this post 🌿🐝🌿

#winter #swimming #walking #yoga #retreat #friends #mentalhealth

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A winter's evening at Purecamping looking West towards Mount Brandon. While feeding and talking to Betty and Jack (donkeys), I noticed these reeds back lit by the evening sun. They are so pretty 🌿🦋🌿
The cockerel saying good night too 🐓

#noticenature #biodiversity #lovenature #loveloophead #wildatlanticway

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New Year's Sunrise at Querrin. No filter required. Just nature's morning palette. Wish you could hear the Curlews. They stopped calling every time I pressed 'record' 🤣
Swam in a chilly 7°C with a couple of Great Northern Divers fishing at the entrance to the Creek.
Wishing you well from our family to your family, from our hearts to yours 💕💕
Onwards and upwards all 🌿🦋🌿

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One of the West Clare Currach club 'canoes' relaunched today after a makeover, courtesy of Ned Griffin. They are such a class boat to look at, and to row.
Brent Geese and Oyster catchers ignored us completely. The low winter sun and the rhythmic swish of the oars in the water soothing us all.

#noticenature #biodiversity #heritage #loveloophead #clare #ireland
@loopheadtourism @visitclare @sustainabletravelireland @the_rookery_querrin_house

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Which Pollock Hole would you swim in?
7m waves during #stormbella

@kilkee_by_the_sea @espressobarkilkee @clare_tourism @sustainabletravelireland @greentraveller #wildswimmingireland #wildswimming

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Chasing waves in @kilkee_by_the_sea tonight.


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🌿Purecamping and @clifdencampsite both in the '10 PRECIOUS PLACES TO STAY' guide from @ilovetheseaside Aawww... Loving this, thank you. We live in a precious place #loveloophead 🌿🦋🌿 #ilovetheseaside @Sust_Travel_Ire @loopheadtourism ...

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Querrin shore at sunset. Curlews bedding down for the night.

#lovenature #noticenature #loveloophead #wildatlanticway

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There are Barnacle Geese out there... Top left... Happy out.. Grazing.... And then they were gone... #naturewatching The simple pleasures of life. ...

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Just West of Healy's island on the lookout for Barnacle Geese. There were more than 30 Geese visible, grazing amongst 5-6 black backed Gulls. Fairly wild spot to be hanging. ...

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We just disovered a shelter in the woods, built by fairies this summer we think?

#woodland #camping

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🌿🦋🌿 If you are interested in signing up for the online Yoga classes with Trea, just follow the link in the bio to select your preferred class time and once you have signed up, I will send the Zoom link out for your class. Pick a time that suits you, the pace will be gentle.

🦋 Classes begin Oct 7th.

Wednesday 7-8pm and 8.30-9.30pm
Thursday 10-11am

Trea teaches in the Satyananda Yoga tradition which combines breathing practices, postures, guided with focused awareness and Yoga Nidra relaxation.
This style of Yoga can help to strengthen the immune system, reducing stress/anxiety, improving strength and flexibility and promoting better sleep.

You just need a Yoga mat, a quiet corner, a smart phone or laptop, with the free Zoom software/app

€32 for a 4 week block and we will have 2 blocks of classes before Christmas all going well.

All classes are 1 hour duration. Thank you 🙏🧘‍♀️ Trea

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'A cider despite ourselves'

🍏 Pure Stuff 🍏 came from the Purecamping orchard in the haggart by way of the few apples that the crows chose to share with us.

It's a brew that takes some effort so it doesn't happen every year. Thanks to Tony for being the catalyst in 2020. We had to have at least one good story this year!
To be enjoyed at your ease and wait for a sunny afternoon if you're able 😎
Dedicated to Sammy PM 👻

#cider #apples #noticenature #eco #camping #glamping #nature #food #loveloophead

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