Guest name

Annabell M





Review Date

20 October, 2015

Trea and Kevin are lovely hosts and make you feel welcome on this beautiful piece of land. The campground is beautifully located and it almost does not feel like you are on a campground at all.

Despite this there is a little kitchen (with a pizza oven!) that comes in handy when it is raining and you want to eat your meal in a dry spot. There is even a sauna but it is quite rustic and does not compare to what one usually thinks of when hearing the word “sauna.” However it is still a fun experience. It would have been nice if the sauna area was more private though as it is a bit weird standing around wrapped in a towel while everyone else is having dinner. Another small flaw was that the facilities (kitchen and bathrooms) weren’t as clean as on other campsites that we stayed at. All in all this campground is maybe a bit less suited for couples but is the perfect place for families with small children.

+353 (0)86 381 9216