Why Meditate?Meditation and Yoga

These are some of the reasons why you may like to begin a regular meditation practice:

  • Brings clarity of mind
  • Promotes good health and happiness
  • Can reduce stress and stress related ailments and disease such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancers.
  • Improves concentration
  • Gives perspective in difficult times
  • Provides a path to intuitive knowledge or a universal intelligence
  • Trains us to be the witness

Practice Tips:

  • To meditate you must first have the desire to meditate. 
  • Prepare a “sacred” space and make time for your practice. 
  • Get the right seated position, be warm and comfortable. 
  • You must make sure that you won’t be disturbed. But if it happens, try not to get frustrated … smile and be grateful for having got as far as you did. There is always later in the day or tomorrow.
  • Most importantly, have no expectations. Every day is different.

Meditation to ‘Mind Your Mind’

These were a series of meditation sessions that I ran in 2018/2019 giving you practical tips to develop your own regular meditation practice. They started with some gentle Yoga stretches to prepare your body for sitting quietly which is the first step in any meditation practice. There are well defined steps to develop the discipline to bring you to that quiet space and we explored them in these sessions.
Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and to improve the immunity of the body and the mind. Practiced regularly (15-20 minutes per day) it can bring greater clarity to your thinking and help you to gain perspective.

We will be adding, posts to our blog over time which might be helpful to you on your meditation journey.