Guest name

David B



Woodland Pitch

Review Date

15 June, 2016

Camped in the woods amidst native Irish woodland. Woken by beautiful birdsong at dawn, including a cuckoo! Our clearing was next to an ancient ring fort (beware of the fairies!!) and had a small fire pit, for which you can buy wood to burn.

The facilities were very good with a communal kitchen, traditional ceramic pizza oven (dough on request), wood heated sauna, solar heated showers, other hot showers, and a chill out area. There are loads of farm animals happily wandering around the site including 3 friendly dogs, a chilled out cat, and a number of hens! The atmosphere is beautiful. Kids stay in one area and the woodland seems reserved for adult campers. There is a very friendly vibe in the campsite. We did a yoga class run by Trea on our last morning which was very nice too!

+353 (0)86 381 9216