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People often describe their need to ‘quiet their mind’.  But what does this mean?

When we sit to meditate, it sometimes seems that our mind is busy all the time, from the start to the end of the meditation. This is not unusual. It’s the nature of our mind to be busy. That’s what the mind does … it creates and presents thoughts to us, it keeps us informed of potential problems, it reminds us of past problems, it prepares us for situations, it tries to resolve past conflicts, to prevent future conflicts …. I’m getting stressed just thinking about it!

So, don’t think about meditation as ‘quieting the mind’, think of it as ‘knowing the mind’.

During a meditation practice, as each thought presents itself, try to catch it … have a quick look … a quick acknowledgement as if to say … yes, thank you for letting me know and then … simply return to the object of your meditation … not putting any great importance on the thought … a kind of a ‘meh’ reaction and then simply … returning ….to your object of meditation.

See your developing meditation practice as a training session for the mind. You are creating a new habit for the mind. It takes practice to develop good habits and developing good “thinking” habits is no different.  The more you encourage and guide the mind back to the object of meditation, the easier it becomes over time. Conversely, if you frequently allow the mind to lead you into the next interesting story or train of thoughts, the more likely it is to continue with this habit.

No time like the present … give it a go…..