Guest name

Martin Quinlan Q




Review Date

9 June, 2016

This is a great campsite and perfect for bike tourists for a few reasons;

  1. The cycle in from the main road down to the campsite in Querrin is a lovely way to end a day in the saddle, quiet bohereens, fields full of dandelions, birdsong and Zen cows until you reach peaceful pure camping .
  2. A nice discount on the camping fee for campers who arrive on bike.
  3. A secure shed to store your bike, not that you would need it anyway
  4. Fully equipped campers kitchen so no need to carry cutlery pots / gas
    Amazingly use of the gas cooker and showers is included in the camping fee which is great as the fashion in most irish campsites is a token purchasing system.

Very nice vibes in the campsite and good chats with other travellers in the kitchen ,looks like a great place to bring young kids. Since my last visit a cozy common room with armchairs has been added for chilling out and reading.

+353 (0)86 381 9216