Cool Canvas Bell Tents

Our 5 metre bell tents provide a spacious sleeping space for up to 4 people. They are of the highest quality and we replace our tents every two years to ensure that they withstand our west of Ireland weather. They provide an “easy” camping experience for novice campers and an exciting adventure for children! Prices ranges from €60 per night with 2 guests in low season to €85 per night with 4 guests in high season. Generous discounts are applied for those staying more than 3 nights. We save money when guests stay longer and we pass that saving to you!


furnished bell tent 

We have 3 beautiful furnished bell tents just like this. ‘Oak’ (featured), ‘Ash’ and ‘Hazel’.

Bedding is provided including linen and towels.

Each tent has its own deck and fire pit. Bright and clean communal kitchen and toilet and shower facilities are close by. The kitchen is fully kitted out, so no need to bring any camping equipment, unless you want to, of course 🙂