Annual Santosa Yoga Camp (2017)

Santosa 3-Day Yoga Camp (Ireland), Querrin, Co. Clare (July 1st – July 3rd inclusive)

Join us this year for our seventh Santosa yoga camp at our eco-campsite, located in the West of Ireland along the wild and rugged coastline of the Loop Head Peninsula.

We were inspired by our visit to the Santosa Yoga camp in the Cotswolds in May 2010 founded by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. The variety of yoga classes and activities for adults and children provided a really memorable holiday.

We hope we have created a similar experience for visitors to this camp, albeit a little smaller. Take a look at   the programme from previous years and the teacher list to get a hint of what this camp offers. Booking opens in mid-February each year and we have a limited number of tickets.

Santosa Programme - Day 1

Santosa Programme – Day 1

Santosa Programme - Day 2

Santosa Programme – Day 2

Santosa Programme - Day 3

Santosa Programme – Day 3

We have created a blog entry here to keep folks up to date about what is going on and of course to allow you to comment.

Santosa 2017 Pricing (Sold out – sorry)

Tickets include your camping with your own tent. We have a limited supply of bell tents and that is priced separately. (Camp is sold out now for 2017, check out the West Cork Yoga Festival in August).

Adult – €100 (€113.50 including VAT @ 13.5%)
Child (from 12 to 17 years old) – €30 (€34.05 incl. VAT)
Children of attendees (under 12 years old) – Free!

No day tickets this year … sorry

Some useful information about Santosa:
Santosa is a clear pure space, alcohol and drug-free, family-friendly. No cliques, just friendly yogis from all traditions. Complementary therapists and healers working at affordable prices (suggested minimum €30 for an hour). Sorry, no dogs. We provide as many yoga classes as you like, your pitch, parking and water, showers and campfires. You bring yourselves, your friends and family, your yoga equipment, musical instruments and cooking stuff if you want to self-cater. There will be a food stall again this year thanks to our Cloughjordan Eco-village friends.

It’s a eco-camp, so please be prepared to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Frequently asked questions:
Q: What about food?
A: Our Cloughjordan friends are back again this year providing soups and crepes, so you may avoid cooking entirely 🙂 If you intend to cook yourself, it would be really useful if you could bring extra cooking bits (stove, handy pot, plate, cup and cutlery) as our little campers kitchen will be under pressure with the extra numbers. It is also helpful if you are using the campers kitchen, to cook in little community cooking circles so your family will only have to cook one day while you are here. So, if your friends are coming, ask them to join a circle, or if you see someone on their own, maybe invite them to join your circle. Please shop local if you can for your supplies for the weekend.. We have fridges but you will also need a food box for storage of non-fridge goods to keep your food safe from animals.

Q: Where is the site and how do I get there?
A: All the details are here.

Q: What about water?
A: There are a number of stand pipes providing water for drinking, washing, cooking. Hot showers are also available.

Q: Can I park on site?
A: Yes and no. There is a special part of the site for cars to park in. It is not possible to drive vehicles on to the camping area, so please do not come expecting to be able to park next to your tent. We will provide you with wheelbarrows to unload and carry your stuff to your chosen pitch.

Q: Can I bring my campervan/caravan/bus?
A: Yes and no. Very limited campervan space is available and is in the main car park. You will not be able to get your vehicle into the main camping area. The parking place is close to the camping space, but out of sight. Please be guided by the camp karma yogis to a suitable space for your vehicle.

Q: What other facilities are on site?
A: This is low impact, minimal camping. We have a standard standard shower and toilet block. This block uses a combination of solid fuel and solar energy to provide hot water and uses rainwater harvesting and our spring for water. Try to keep shower time to a minimum to conserve water and energy. We also have two outdoor solar showers which are a wonderful idea and are a perfect size for the family !

Q: What about rubbish and composting?
A: This is a eco-campsite and we want to adhere to the principles of lively lightly on the land, so please leave no trace of your presence on the site. We have a recycling and rubbish point near the kitchen. Cooked and raw food can be composted in our brown compost bins in the campers kitchen. Please take home any unused food as it will go to waste here.

Q: What about fires?
A: We keep a single main community camp fire burning throughout the gathering for a heartwarming focus. It will be minded by our fire keepers who will help us keep it safe and sacred. Please join us around this fire and respect the fire keeper’s guidance.  No other individual fires on site please. 

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Yourself, all your camping equipment, your cooking gear, your yoga mat and any other yoga stuff you want to use, musical instruments if you want to play. Flip flops are handy for the outdoor showers. Cosy blankets are a really useful thing to have in your classes and at night round the fire. Bring clothes for all weathers (bring hats, sunblock and sunglasses); pouring rain (full waterproofs, umbrellas and wellies are a must), and the nights get a bit chilly, even if you are round the campfire (warm sweaters, wooly hat and rugs/blankets to sit on). Typical Irish summer gear. We are beside the shore here and have a lovely spot for swimming when the tide is in, which it will be morning and evening during this camp. So, bring your swimming gear and wetsuits for kids if necessary and lifejackets if you have them as we may put some boats in the water. Bring tennis rackets and balls because their is an old handball alley at Querrin shore too.

Q: What about children?
A: I brought our two children to the Santosa Camp in the Costwalds. I wanted somewhere where we could enjoy yoga as a family together, away from our busy lives, surrounded by nature. The children enjoyed the organised activities, like the yoga, art and crafts and other woodcraft type skills. But most of all they loved the freedom of the camp and playing with other children. They ran wildly through the woods, making hideaways and generally getting involved in their own stories and imagination.

With children at the camp, there are some variables, and some not-so variables:

  1. Your child is ultimately your responsibility at all times.
  2. We do not offer creche or childcare facilities
  3. We do offer classes where you and your chidren can do yoga together – family class each day, art workshops and walks etc.
  4. Some Santosa goers are not parents, so we ask parents with children to respect the needs of those child-free adults who may not be used to the raised noise-levels that go hand and hand with children !! Particularly in the quiet Yoga spaces where the vibe is one of calmness  and even for Kirtan where there are quiet mellow moments, please take your child outside for a while if they have started to get “wound up”. Your child will probably appreciate a little quiet space too, the music and high-energy environment can over-stimulate little ones, who may be exhausted after a busy day of Yoga and fun.
  5. We also offer children’s yoga classes scheduled at the same time as adult yoga classes, often in neighbouring structures so lots of parents find if there child enjoys the class for the kids, at the same time they can enjoy the adult class.
  6. We also offer arts and crafts activities in the afternoons and many parents find that if school age children are enjoying these sessions, then the parents can enjoy their own yoga in the neighbouring tents.
  7. We also have a very pro family friendly feel so loads of people make friends with each other and take turns to mind the children – e.g by joining in with the kids activities while their parents go to the class – this seems to work very well.
  8. We create a very safe space for children so that we find on the whole site many children enjoy to play outside the yoga tents or to help out with the karma yogis work. So long as the child is happily occupied and knows exactly where their parent is if they need them then this works out very nicely for everyone – and the children get freedom to play, whilst being ‘held’ in a conscious space by the wider community of grown ups around.

In practice, we find that the parents and children who seem to feel that they all get to enjoy what they like doing most are the ones where the children either bring along a friend to play with, or make friends at the camp and the parents also make friends with other parents and share responsibility for minding the children. Many teachers are also parents and/or experienced kids yoga teachers so are happy to admit children to any of the sessions on the schedule – so that’s an informal way to join the adult classes too.

Q: Can I bring my dog?
A: Sorry, but during the festival we allow no dogs on site.

Q: Where’s the schedule?
A: We work on the schedule right up to the last minute, so please check the top of this page for the latest version of running order and list of teachers attending. Once you arrive on site all classes and workshops are free. All you need to pay for are any treatments you arrange with the therapists, and food from the stall. We have over ten yoga teachers registered to teach this year, in three different structures, and there are always last minute changes to the schedule. There will be a sign up sheet in reception in the evening where you can put your name down for classes the following day. Our yoga space is limited to about 18-20 participants so you will not be guaranteed to get to every session. But there is plenty to choose from.