Event Time: 10:00-16:00 / Event Location: Purecamping, Querrin, Loop Head Peninsula, Co. Clare

Join us in this peaceful setting on the West Clare coast for some deeply restorative sessions of:

Yoga Qigong Meditation Yoga Nidra Deep Relaxation

Facilitated by Trea Heapes and Kevin Copeland

Trea and Kevin will guide you through the day, nourishing your body with mindful movement and wholesome vegan food, nourishing your mind with meditation and breathing practices, so you can truly let go into the silent space. Be the observer to the happenings in your mind. When we begin to know our mind, we can let go of deep rooted conditioning step by step, leading to a more peaceful daily existence.

These silent retreats are planned to coincide with the Celtic wheel so that we can connect in with the cycle of life. The Celtic festival of ‘Imbolg’ marks the coming of Spring, which is Feb 1st.

Price: €65