Event Time: 8:30-9:30 / Event Location: Purecamping, Querrin, Co. Clare

Why do meditation?

Have you always wanted to try meditation? Have you been curious as to what it is all about? Have you been hearing how beneficial it can be to manage stress and anxiety? Have you been put off by previous attempts at a practice like this? Here is your chance. Open your mind and delve in to see literally what makes you tick.

Developing your own meditation practice:

We will have a number of meditation sessions this weekend giving you practical tips on developing your own regular meditation practice.

You will start the session with some gentle Yoga stretches to prepare your body for sitting quietly which is the first step in any meditation practice. There are well defined steps to develop the discipline to bring you to that quiet space and we will explore them in each session progressively.
Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and to improve the immunity of the body and the mind. Practiced regularly (15-20 minutes per day) it can bring greater clarity to your thinking and help you to gain perspective.

Meditation Tradition:

 The Satyananda system of Yoga takes its practices from the Tantras (practices to expand (transcend) the human experience) and meditation practices are often preceded by Pranayama (Expansion of the Prana or Life-force). These practices will help you with focus and help you to move into the meditation space easier.


This meditation package consists of 4 meditation sessions of 1 hour each : €45 per person. 

Meditation retreat