We’ve a lovely outdoor sauna. We made it from alder saplings from our own woods and materials that were left over from our various building projects. It is wood-fired with an old gas cylinder as the stove. Its design is supposed to reflect the shape of Gallarus Oratory.

It adds a bit to the work load around here, but we think that it’s worth it 🙂

Booking a sauna

You need to book the Sauna. We charge €15, which includes us lighting the sauna, fuel, instructions, a safety briefing and at least 90 minutes of exclusive use. 90 minutes (with frequent shower breaks) is more than enough for most people. Once your time is up, we generally make to the sauna available to others as once it’s hot it’s wrong to waste the heat. It doesn’t mean that you have to get out, but it does mean that others may join you. After all, a sauna is generally a social affair. Often a few campers will get together and chip in towards the sauna cost and make there own arrangements with regard to usage.

All users must get instruction on the use of the sauna, even if they are just reaping the benefits of someone else having paid for it to be lit.

Some tips:

Sit on a towel!
Drink plenty of water.
Sauna is alcohol free.
Take regular breaks. The solar showers are really refreshing and close by.
No unsupervised children at any time, even when the sauna is not lit!
We don’t recommend the sauna for children, but it is up to individual parents. We do impose a 9.30pm curfew for its use by children.
Bring your favourite essential oils.
Be discreet with regard to clothing (or lack of) and respect fellow users. If in doubt, consult with your companions.
The wood stove can be very hot, please maintain at least a low level of lighting in the sauna.
There are some tealight lamps… Be very careful with their use.
It’s a soft structure and it needs to be treated gently. Please respect the building and we will all get to enjoy for a very long time.
When you are finished, extinguish any tealights. Leave the stove to burn out itself. Leave the door open and pin back the door blankets to ventilate the space.