Cool Wooden Barrel Sauna

History (there’s alway history)

In 2019, we retired our lovely outdoor sauna. We made it from alder saplings from our own woods and materials that were left over from our various building projects. It was wood-fired with an old gas cylinder as the stove. It was designed in a way  to reflect the shape of Gallarus Oratory.

But, winter storms have taken their toll on this fragile structure and we have now upgraded to a very cool wooden barrel sauna.

Booking a sauna

You need to reserve the Sauna. Please use the form below.

Price: €10 per adult, with a minimum charge of €30/session, up to a maximum of 6 people in total.

This includes sauna preparation, fuel and instructions.

90 minutes (with frequent shower breaks) is more than enough for most people.

Once your sauna sessions is complete, Purecamping staff will manage the shutdown process.

Tips and Requirements:

Required: Sit or lay on a towel.
Tip: Take a shower beforehand
Tip: Drink plenty of water and leave outside to keep it cool.
Tip: Take regular breaks and cool down with a cold shower.


  • No alcohol allowed in the sauna.
  • Children are only allowed in sauna area as part of a family booking with their parents.
  • Be discreet with regard to clothing (or lack of thereof..) and respect fellow users. It’s nice to experience a sauna naturally, but if in doubt, consult with your companions.

Benefits of Sauna use:

The Finnish folk were definitely on to something… Saunas flush toxins, they make the immune system stronger, they promote social interaction (we know that at Purecamping ?), they increase blood flow to tired muscles and apparently they help you look younger ?

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