Purecamping Pizza Oven

We built a clay oven in 2012 and it worked beautifully for 5 years. The clay was sourced locally and the finishing touches were made by a local artist.

The pizza oven has been suffering a little with the amount of use it has gotten over the years and we reluctantly made the decision to “replace” it with the ‘Kamado’ ceramic pizza oven.

We use Irish charcoal made by The Irish Charcoal company.

The oven cooks one pizza at a time and is highly efficient because heat from the natural charcoal radiates within the thick ceramic walls of the dome, allowing the pizza to bake quickly and evenly.

Family activity

Think of your pizza evening as a family activity where everyone gets to join in the fun!

Using the oven

You need to book the pizza oven. We charge €20, which includes us lighting the fire, fuel, instructions, and a safety briefing. It takes about 40 minutes before the oven is ready for use, which gives you plenty of time to prepare the pizzas. We can provide dough balls for the bases at a cost of €3 per ball.


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