We built a clay oven in 2012 and it worked beautifully for 5 years. The clay was sourced locally and the finishing touches were made by a local artist. The pizza oven has been suffering a little with the amount of use it has gotten over the years and we reluctantly made the decision to “replace” it with a larger brick version which is located in an outdoor space outside the kitchen. This new oven is bigger and takes more fuel to get it going, so its most useful for larger groups … 4 pizzas or more. A good opportunity to team up with up with other Purecampers 🙂

Using the oven

You need to book the pizza oven. We charge €20, which includes us lighting the fire, fuel, instructions, a safety briefing. It takes about an hour before the oven is ready for use, which gives you plenty of time to prepare the pizzas. Of course, you don’t have to confine yourself to pizza, but that’s another story, suffice to say that you also can bake your favourite fish, and so on. We also can provide dough balls for the bases.

Once the fire has been going for the hour, you can spread the embers around the edge of the oven and introduce your pizza… the hot bricks will cook the pizza from below giving a fantastic crispy base. All this is done without using the wooden oven door. Campers often make the mistake of putting the door in position while the fire is lighting. It just means that the fire goes out and that the inside of door gets scorched… The door is used when you are baking bread. It’s a good idea to keep back a bit of dough, that way when you are finished with the pizzas you can bake a loaf using the residual heat in the oven. We’ve had fantastic results!

Some tips:

Make a good hot fire in the centre of the oven. That way the bricks will be good and hot and cook the pizza quickly and evenly.
As mentioned, spread the embers around the edge of the oven and starting baking.
Be prepared to enjoy the smell of wood smoke from your clothes and hair.
Ovens get hot! Adults only! Know where the fire extinguisher is located!
Turn the pizza about halfway through cooking to ensure an even bake.

Don’t panic 😉