Wooden Off-Grid Cosy Cabins

Our cosy wooden cabins provide a comfortable sleeping space for between 4 and 6 people, ideally 2 adults and 2-3 children.

Each cabin has its own WC (Toilet and sink) and a stove to keep you warm even in the late Spring and Autumn months.

Solar lighting and tea-light lanterns provide atmosphere and allow you to reset your body clock, waking with the morning light and taking nature’s cues for sleep as the sun goes down.

Check out our prices here. Generous discounts are applied for those staying more than 3 nights. We save money when guests stay longer and we pass that saving to you!

If you are thinking of taking your pet camping, take a peek here first: Dogs at Purecamping

Alder & Rowan

Our 2-room cabins, Alder and Rowan, are on the main camp field area with a deck, picnic table and fire pit.

These cabins have a double bed in the front room, with a day bed and bunk bed in the back room. Sleeps up to 5.

Perfect for a holiday or short break.



Our 2-room cabin, Damson, is on the main camp field beside Alder and Rowan. It has a deck, picnic table and fire pit.

This lovely bright purple cabin has a double bed in the front room and twin single beds in the back room. Sleeps up to 4.

Thanks to support from BIM and the fantastic #FLAGWEST funding stream that helps coastal communities thrive. Lots of local volunteers amongst these communities give their time on the FLAG committees to assess projects. A big shout out, and thank you 😊 🙏




Our ‘Holly’ cabin, is an open plan space with a double bed and 2 bunk beds. Perfect for a couple or a larger family.

Set in its own woodland grove for those who prefer a little more privacy.

We’ve allocated this cabin as a dog-friendly cabin if you wish to bring your family pet. Check here for more details: Dogs at Purecamping.

Holly standalone open plan cabin from Trea and Kevin on Vimeo.

Off-grid wooden cabin. Gorgeous space suitable for a couple or a family.

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