Cool Canvas Bell Tents

Our 5 metre bell tents provide a spacious sleeping space for up to 4 people. They are of the highest quality and we replace our tents every two years to ensure that they withstand our west of Ireland weather.

They provide an “easy” camping experience for novice campers and an exciting adventure for children!

Check out our prices here. Generous discounts are applied for those staying more than 3 nights. We save money when guests stay longer and we pass that saving to you!

If you are thinking of taking your pet camping, take a peek here first: Dogs at Purecamping

Oak, Ash & Hazel

We have 3 beautiful furnished bell tents. ‘Oak’, ‘Ash’ and ‘Hazel’.

Bedding is provided and beds are dressed all ready for you!

Please bring your own towels or we can provide for a €2 laundry fee.

Each tent has its own deck and fire pit. Bright and clean communal kitchen and toilet and shower facilities are close by. The kitchen is fully kitted out, so no need to bring any camping equipment, unless you want to, of course ?

Hawthorn &

We also have 2 4m unfurnished bell tents. ‘Hawthorn & Birch’.

You have to bring your own bedding but camping mats are available.

Please bring your own towels or we can provide for a €2 laundry fee.

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A place on our Suaimhneas (meaning Tranquillity) Yoga retreat September 8-10th has become available.

Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and more.
Meals and accommodation included.
Stay in our beautiful Damson cabin. Swim on the shore, detox in our wooden barrel sauna, walk in the woods, ask Danu a question in the Labyrinth. Take time out.
Private message for more details and booking.

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Summer season drawing to an end.
Tents coming down but cabins still open.
Thank you 🦋🌿🦋

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How sweet. Thank you ❣️🦋🌿🦋
Purecamping in Querrin was to be our first ever camping holiday as a family. Two adults, a child and a toddly woddly (toddler). We all enjoyed it tremendously. Both Kevin and Trea couldn't have been more welcoming / helpful / sound. The space itself is the perfect adventure ground for all ages. My daughter enjoyed making mini bouquets and granting wishes to anyone and everyone. My son slid merrily down a mini mound, taking breaks regularly to admire the hens / kittens and 'borrow' other kids footballs. The bell tent was more spacious than we expected, more comfortable too. The evenings were an excellent opportunity to get chatting to all of the many lovely fellow campers. Top times were had. Sometimes with marshmallows, sometimes with beers. Will be back? I'd say almost certainly......

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Aisling doing a walk-through of 'Damson' as I'm dressing the beds. Fabulous day to be adding the final touches with guests arriving this afternoon.

Thanks again to for their efficiency and @bordiascaighmhara for their support through #flagwest

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Virtual Tour of our furnished bell tent.
Available this coming week due to a cancellation.
Perfect for a couple or a family of 4.
From €90 per night.

You can book direct on

Thank you for watching 🌿🦋🌿
See you soon 🏕

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**Last minute availability**
Due to a late cancellation we have this beautiful furnished canvas bell tent available for 3 nights from this Sunday July 2nd from €80 per night for a couple to €95 per night for a family.

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Our dog-friendly Holly cabin is now available for 3 nights from Mon 7th August.
You can book direct on 🌿🦋🌿

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Alder 2-room cabin 🌿🦋🌿
Some midweek availability in June if you want to make the most of this beautiful weather.

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Kitten TV
We lost lovely Upsy-Daisy and Precious a year ago ❣️
It's taken a while, but meet Billie 🐈 and Murphy🐈‍⬛

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Always very grateful when people say nice things about our space here ⛺️ 🌿🦋🌿

Thank you❣️

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Island life 🌿🦋🌿

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Robins and Blackbirds providing the audio background to this beautiful Spring day at Purecamping looking to Querrin Creek on the Shannon.

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A guest took this aerial image towards the end of August last year.
What strikes me is the amount of open green space, wild space and trees.
Can you see any cars on the field?
All in the car park out of reach, out of sight, except for a little camper van spot in the rose circle where the dome used to be. It's not convenient, but it is perfect in other ways.
This is a space that we share with nature and this image struck that chord loudly now. But we have more to do 🌿🦋🌿

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The new 'Holly' cabin. More pics to come.
Love this secluded spot.
If you could only hear the birds for yourself now 🌿🦋🌿

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We normally run our Nourish Yoga retreat on the 1st weekend of September. This is the 1st year that we've had vacancies for cabins at that time so just saying.... Maybe a chance for your own little Nourish weekend... Cosy cabin, swim and sauna, campfire and stars and of course that lovely September light 🦋🌿🦋

You can book direct on

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