Eco-Camping and Glamping in County Clare, Ireland

Furnished Tents, Cosy Cabins, Yoga & Meditation

Opening April 8th



We offer “Cosy Camping” or “Glamping” in our cool canvas Bell Tents and off-grid wooden cabins. Limited Pitches for tents and camper vans. You will wake to the sounds of country life and find peace and quiet in our fairy tale woodland. Take the plunge at the tranquil Querrin shore, only 15 minutes walk away. A true getaway. Please be sure to look at our COVID-19 site guidelines before arrival.


Why not try some Yoga or meditation while you are here? Weekly drop-in Yoga classes run in our bright cosy Yoga room with Trea. We host a number of retreats throughout the year. Our Yoga and cookery retreat is in June and again in September along with the ‘Suaimhneas’ Yoga days and weekends. A Yoga class may be the perfect group activity for your escape with friends so let us know and we can arrange a class.

Things to Do

At our retreat space, we offer a selection of experiences that keep you firmly connected to the outdoor environment where you can enjoy all the benefits of nature bathing. Spending time in nature has been proven to enhance wellbeing; physically, mentally and emotionally for young and old. Some events are off-site activities such as Dolphin watching or Horse-riding.

Purecamping Events


Booking now open ‘Suaimhneas’ Yoga Day

This is a day for you to spend some quiet...

Booking now open COOK-YOGA-RELAX Mid-summer Retreat

10/06/202212/06/2022From 235.00
Plan a stay in West Clare this September with this...

Booking now open ‘Suaimhneas’ Yoga Day

This is a day for you to spend some quiet...

Booking now open Suaimhneas weekend Retreat

09/09/202211/09/2022From 220.00
This is a weekend for you to spend some quiet...

Booking now open COOK-YOGA-RELAX Equinox Retreat

16/09/202218/09/2022From 235.00
Plan a stay in West Clare this September with this...


A great family campsite!

We had a fantastic time at the Purecamping site.


Great campsite. The bell tent was very nice. Even though the campsite was full when I was there it was still well spaced out and they don’t allow the place to get overcrowded.

Wild and wonderful

What a wonderful campsite. This is our second time back and we love it even more.

Pure magic

Back again to Pure camping. We’d been there two years previous and felt that we needed our fix!

Great campsite for bicycle touring

This is a great campsite and perfect for bike tourists for a few reasons…

Great for novice and experienced campers – wonderful owners and fantastic site

Kevin and Trea are fantastic hosts and can be proud of all their work on this lovely site. There’s such a lovely vibe on the site and you can see everyone enjoying themselves.

Magical campsite!

Camped in the woods amidst native Irish woodland. Woken by beautiful birdsong at dawn, including a cuckoo! Our clearing was next to an ancient ring fort (beware of the fairies!!) and had a small fire pit, for which you can buy wood to burn.

Natural camping experience

Trea and Kevin are lovely hosts and make you feel welcome on this beautiful piece of land. The campground is beautifully located and it almost does not feel like you are on a campground at all.

nice welcoming place

A friend mine told me about this place referring to it as a “hippy campsite” ? , so I decided to stay there on my cycle tour. It’s not actually a place where hippy’s hang out, but it has that kind of vibe I guess ?

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Yoga classes with Trea restarting this week.

This term, we are going to try to boost the weekly Yoga class with 2 early morning (Tue & Thu) mini-sessions which will be "drill" style focusing on particular actions to build strength, stability and range of motion.
The format is 20 minutes of physical movement and an optional 10 minutes of meditation.
The Wednesday class is 90 minutes of Satyananda style Yoga with Breathwork, mindful yet active asanas and Yoga Nidra.
The challenge for me as a teacher is to help my students to develop long term benefits from their practice, physically, emotionally and mentally.
In-room places are very limited but plenty of space in the virtual room. Message me for details on 086 3819 216.
See you soon 🙂 Trea

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Found this little video that Tony Whelan of Canola Pictures made a couple of years ago. It talks of an outdoor nature retreat space and that is what Purecamping is whether you are a yogi or not. Some of the detail is slightly out of date but the look and feel is what it's all about. Our full line-up of retreats include COOK-YOGA-RELAX with Siobhán and myself (Trea) and our new Suaimhneas retreats. Take a look and see what suits:

#retreats #yoga #meditation #nature #noticenature #loveloophead #clare #wildatlanticway #ireland

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The 12 birds of Christmas at Purecamping.

#12 Stone Chat (Caislín Cloch)

Stone chats are usually seen perched on something high like a fence post or tip of a branch scanning for insects, "chakking" loudly as it spots an intruder in its territory.

There were so many birds to chose from for this winter line up but we'll share more as the months passed. Thanks for tuning in 🙂

#birds #ireland #noticenature #loveloophead #12daysofchristmas

25 4

#11 Lapwing - Pilibín

Declared as the National Bird of Ireland by Birdwatch Ireland in 1990, this stunning looking bird can be seen in large flocks at the moment. Very distinctive as they fly, with rounded wings and a floppy beat. When they settle you can see the delicate crest at the crown of their heads.

#birds #ireland #noticenature #loveloophead #12daysofchristmas

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12 Birds of Christmas
#10 Brent Goose - (Cadhan)

Each year, we wait impatiently for the arrival of these familiar winter visitors from October onwards.
And then, at the end of April, we wish them a safe journey back to their breeding grounds in high-Arctic Canada via Western Iceland. It's sad to see them go, but it's the natural cycle of things and a trigger for us to prepare ourselves for the busy summer ahead.

#birds #ireland #noticenature #loveloophead #12daysofchristmas

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