Loop Head Labyrinth

Loop Head Labyrinth

The Loop Head Labyrinth was created as a joint project with community members and Purecamping. It is a place of reflection and a sacred space for many. This labyrinth is dedicated to Danu, the mother goddess of the Tuatha de Danann. You can visit the Labyrinth during your stay at Purecamping. If you would like guidance and wish to have a complete experience of the Labyrinth, please contact the Labyrinth link person, Maura Egan on +353 87 126 4527.

The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a circle with interior pathways. It can be constructed on the ground in gardens and cathedrals, inscribed in stone or printed on paper.  It’s an ancient universal symbol not tied to any particular culture, faith or tradition. It looks a bit like a maze which has dead ends.  A labyrinth has no dead ends.  It’s unicursal meaning it has one path to the centre.


7 circuit labyrinth

A Labyrinth is a temple of sorts, particularly those created on the ground.  It’s a sacred space.  The classic labyrinth has seven rings corresponding to the seven major chakras or energy centres.  It’s a gateway between heaven and earth, above and below. It’s a healing tool.  It brings benefits to us personally, to our communities and to the planet.

The Labyrinth has been used with children who have behavioural/and or developmental difficulties.  One has been developed at St Anne’s Special school in Ennis.  A labyrinth walk is a walking meditation that promotes relaxation and release of stress; it is a way to get in touch with your inner self, and gives you the opportunity to seek answers to your questions.


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