Feather Down Collection Loop Head

Feather Down Farms has been a familiar name to us for many years now. Their ethos of providing space for people to get away from the everyday busyness of life in the great outdoors is well known, providing somewhere families and friends would interact playing board games and cards into the evening … somewhere where people can give each other full attention without distractions.

This is very much in line with the vision of Purecamping. So, imagine a coming together of these two visions.

From this year, in addition to our own offerings, we are hosting two Feather Down “Frills” tents in the ‘Orchard’ at Purecamping as part of the Feather Down Collection. We are the only Feather Down location in Ireland and are being promoted as Feather Down Loop Head.

This partnership brings the best of both worlds together, with our ethos of respect for our natural environment, providing a pure clear space for people to unwind, staying a little on the wild side while providing creature comforts for our guests.

If you would like to try the Feather Down “Frills” experience in a very special destination, then you can book your holiday here. The tents are available for rent from July 2016 (usual season will be April to October). Click here to book one of these two tents at Feather Down Loop Head.

Feather Down Collection frills tent