The Bridges, Dun na Gall point, Baltard.

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The Bridges, Dun na Gall point, Baltard.

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Santosa Yoga Festival 2017 (1st, 2nd, 3rd July)

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Weather is as usual our typical changeable Irish weather.  So dress accordingly. Bring your camp blankets, crocks or wellies.

Johanna from the Eco-village in Cloughjordan will be here from Saturday serving soup each day and savoury and sweet pancakes. So that will save us some cooking over the few days. There will be chai available after lunch and some cake until it all runs out !

Bring easy bits to cook. Nice fresh bread, salad, pasta, noodles, crackers, fruit that type of thing.

If you have your own stove, bring it, so you can cook your noodles and make your tea at your tent 🙂

Please bring a drinking bottle and use our water here. We are trying to cut out plastic bottles from the site. No need for them. Our water is really nice and comes from a group scheme.

Your Santosa ticket includes your camping if you have your own tent. If you have booked one of ours, there is a fee.

If you have a food storage box, bring it and some freezer blocks. We have two fridge for perishables but all the other bits should be packed away to protect them from animals.

If anyone is interested in car pooling, please send an email to info@purecamping with your mobile number and location where you are travelling from. I can distribute this to the participants if you are happy with that. If you have no car and are looking for a lift, same deal, send an email and I will distribute and hopefully you will all be sorted.

I’ll add more as I think of it.  Safe journey !!

Cycling on the Loop Head Peninsula

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Had a cycle today from Querrin to Carrigaholt and back via Doonaha thru backroads, passing ancient ring forts, crumbling ruins, fancy brown sheep, wet soggy cows and calves, pockets of woodland, perfectly quiet little bog roads, winter light filtering thru heavy clouds, gravestones, elaborate slabs and tombs in old graveyards, ivy covered churches, farmhouses with their “street” separating their sheds which shelter them from the wind, barking dogs herding me on my bike … but not catching up …. thankfully … and all the time you keep your bearings with Kilcredaun and Rehy to the West, the northern rise of the cliffs of The Loop Head Peninsula, West Clare and the Kerry Coast to the south … easy meandering .. no chance of getting lost … only in running out of daylight. What a beautiful day.

View to Carrigaholt

View to Carrigaholt

Young explorer on her bike

Young explorer on her bike

Curious brown sheep

Curious brown sheep

Purecamping Spring News

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Opening May 2nd, just in time for Loop Head Walking Festival

Santosa Yoga festival– 27th,28th,29th June. Are you coming this year?

Cosy Camping in our cool canvas bell tents. Pick a date for your escape.

Hello fellow campers,

I hope you and yours are keeping well and that the recent storms of Brigid and Darwin have not
impacted you too much.

We would like to give you an update on what is happening at Purecamping over the coming year.

As usual the 3 day Santosa Yoga festival will take place on the last weekend of June, where we
come together as a community and enjoy yoga from dawn til dusk. You can pick and mix and enjoy
the chilled atmosphere on site. As you know there are lots of places near by to swim and take in
the coastal scenery, so it’s a very refreshing wholesome experience for all.

Our donkeys, Jack and Betty, have settled in well and have grown their winter coats, so Jack is
looking particularly “Yak-like”.

Dogs, cats and hens looking forward to summer visitors on site to give them some belly rubs and
tasty scraps.

Projects: We have a few projects starting in February to improve the camping experience. Our pizza oven
could do with a flue to keep the smoke out of the kitchen. Our dome cover went sailing during a
violent winter storm, so that needs some work and the structure will be re-covered soon we hope.
More willow fencing will be planted to surround the bell tents. We plan to landscape our 6metre
‘Holly’ tent to give it a worthy backdrop. And the list goes on 🙂

Opening: We will be opening on the May bank holiday weekend which coincides with the

Loop Head Walking festival
which is in its infancy and will run over 3 days. Special offers on accommodation will be
available for this weekend in participating Loop Head accommodation if you buy a ‘Walk the Loop’
bundle of walks. Watch this space for more detail !!
‘Tastes of the Loop’ will go ahead again in June and we will have special offers for that weekend

Yoga Days: There will be a number of Yoga and Meditation days throughout the summer and the usual Sat and Sun morning yoga classes for campers on select weekends throughout the season and through
July and August.

Butterfly’s and Bees: Kevin will be conducting his monthly butterfly and bumble-bee monitoring and
you are very welcome to join him in his efforts. We will put those details on Facebook.

Blog: Check out our blog for tips and tricks on camping to see if your are prepared for this seasons
escape to the great outdoors.

Remember, camping is a great group experience for family and friends and one that will create
memories and stories for a lifetime. We would love to see you and yours here this season.

Kindest Regards,
Trea, Kevin, Lúghadh, Aisling and all our barking, purring, crowing, braying pets.{orgid}%26cid%3D{campid}%26bid%3D{broadcastid}{orgid}%26cid%3D{campid}%26bid%3D{broadcastid}{orgid}%26cid%3D{campid}%26bid%3D{broadcastid}

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Trip to India

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15th Oct 2013

This Friday I am flying out to Calcutta with the main purpose of heading north to Munger, Bihar to the Bihar school of yoga, home of Satyananda Yoga.
I will be attending the World Yoga Convention and the celebration of 50 years of Satyananda Yoga. Thankfully, I am not alone ! I will be travelling with fellow yogis and much loved friends on this .. now daunting journey (leaving the little ones (and the big one) behind for 2 weeks).
Before these little ones arrived, myself and Kevin travelled for 3 years. Part of this journey brought us to India. That is where the yogic journey was reignited for me after a lapse of some years since my first class with Chetan in the Galway School of Yoga .. sometime way back … in 1992-ish 🙂
Here are some of the images from our trip in 1998.

Indian Ghat on the Ganges Indian Saddju

16th Oct 2013

Ok, so a Cyclone has hit the east coast of India mainly across the state of Orissa, south of West Bengal and Bihar. Apparently they have had the tail end of it at Munger and there has been plenty of rain. But things looking up, and drying off, so fingers crossed we will be lucky with the weather. Just received some bits to bring over to Hope for the wound clinic there that Mary Nolan from Kilrush has given me. Hoping to meet with Ann-Marie Murray who is out there volunteering with Hope.
Here are some more images of our 1998 visit. The elegant sculptures of Khajaraho were incredible … check out those curves. And there is Kevin with his luggage locked to the bed, having a sleep on one of the overnight trains.

Khajaraho India

Temple in Khajaraho

Sculptures of Khajaraho

Sculptures of Khajaraho

sleeping on a train

overnight trains in India

Tarbert – Thu, Oct 17th

Travelled to Tarbert, courtesy of my sister. Standing on deck, alone with my backpack, feeling like the real traveller already.. Goodbye to Kevin and kids this morning, Trying not to think about being away from them, too much. Lovely journey with Dani to Dublin where another sister collected me and minded me for the evening.

backpack India

Backpack ready

Dublin – Fri, Oct 18th

Awake @ 6am. Nervous and sick with anxiety. Pack and unpack with OCD style fervour. After being dropped off at airport, meet up with some of the other yogis, my travelling companions for the next couple of weeks.

37 mins to touch down in Dubai. Great flight with Emirates. What luxury. In flight entertainment and food all the way. All the yogi crew getting giddy, some wondering what we are doing travelling all this way, other so excited about the atmosphere of India that awaits us.

Dubai to Kolkata on a less fancy plane. Bollywood entertainment all the way. Restless and hot. Airport was a pleasant surprise. Well organised. Pre-paid taxis making it very easy to get to our hotels.

Kolkata – Sat, Oct 19th

As soon as we leave the airport and for the next 2 weeks the resounding sound of BEEEEP fills the air. An assault on the the senses; colours, heat, dust , taxis, buses, rickshaws. Bursting with food for all the senses!!! Chaos on the roads. Buildings interesting but look like they may tumble down. People everywhere. Life is lived on the streets here.

Checked into hotel. Emptied our bags and after freshening up we exlpored Sudder st. Found the Fairlawn hotel and chilled. Fairlawn was an old English style hotel from Colonial times, a little rundown now.
Met at Sunflower hotel with rest of yogi group to practice our kirtan. Ate in backpacker place called the Blue Sky Cafe.
Dhal, Jalfrezi, Pakoras, Pilau rice, naan and lemon soda. Delicious

Kolkata – Sun, Oct 20th

4am Mosque calling and Kolkata dogs howling. First beep at 4:30am. Intersting hotel. “3 bed” means a double bed and a mattress on the floor.
Fine for us, cleanish, central and staff couldn’t be more helpful.
Annmarie from Kilkee and working with Hope Foundation here in Kolkata, meets us in the lobby and is to bring us on a tour of the city taking in the Hope projects. 9 of us head out for the day.
Visit young girls home, greeted with “auntie, auntie”, colourful happy little girls cared for by attentive staff “mothers”. They proudly showed us around their home explaining their various projects. After a luxurious coffee in a comfortable ‘ac’ cafe, we continue on to the older girls home where some very confident young teenage girls are having an afternoon off and are allowed watch some ‘Tollywood’ movies. Beautiful and smart and not unlike our own teenagers in their conversation and demeanour. This place works on building self esteem, confidence and off course education. The private Hope hospital was funded by Weightwatchers Cork and is an impressive clean, human focused hospital. Real lives, even more vulnerable because they have nothing. Hard to imagine where they would be if Hope hadn’t taken them in.
First torrential downpour as we made our way back to find a taxi. Had to shelter under the eaves of a little shop … All 9 for us. Owner wouldn’t accept payment for helping us, so ended up with bags of very sweet biscuits 🙂


Kolkata – Mon Oct 21st

Set out for the Bihar School of Yoga in Munger this evening. Make our way to Howrah train station. Pretty overwhelming as we walked onto the platform with 2 packed trains arriving at the same time and spilling out onto the platform. A bit intimidated by some guys who were pretty intrusive in their attempts to video our every move. They ended up fighting amongst themselves for a finish as we slipped out of sight to a more public area while we waited for our overnight train,

Preparing gourmet food while camping with Guyrope Gourmet

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Looking for inspiration in the camp kitchen??

Guyrope Gourmet: A Camping Cookbook includes more than 90 tasty, simple recipes from 2-minute tapas and quick risottos to exotic stews and seafood feasts.

Cool Camping – Guyrope Gourment

Santosa Yoga Festival 2016 (25th, 26th, 27th June)

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Santosa Yoga festival 2016 – new brochure for this year still in progress.


Lots of wonderful teachers again including

Mahatma, Anamata, Shraddha,  Susi Matika our “white witch” 🙂

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli founder of Santosa camps in England

‘Celtic Yoga to Nourish the deep heart’s core’

With rooted and enraptured, subtle rhythmic movement, nurturing breath meditations, poetry, chant, sound and total Yoga Nidra.

Yoga for women

discovering our inner power and freedom

Jack Harrison of “The Enchanted Island” and “Wind Across the Sea” will be with us for Santosa again this year. This is a surprise visit for us and I think anyone who was here last year will agree it is a magical experience. Jack will be here on the Friday evening.

Children’s nature and craft based activities facilitated by Joe Quilty, Susi and Frances
Camp Cafe with Johanna serving soups and crepes.


As usual there will be therapists onsite including deep tissue massage and bio-energy healing.

Donkeys arrive !

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All settled in and being spoilt by us all. Jack has found his ee-aw and they have eventually tried out their shelter. Donkeys seem to do what Donkeys want to do and that’s that !

Jack in front and Betty in the back

Settled here at Purecamping

Donkeys coming to Purecamping

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Here they are … Jack and Betty … due to arrive at Purecamping this Spring.

Kevin busy making a shelter for them and we are busy trying to read up on the do’s and don’ts for donkeys. So if anyone has any advice, let us know !

Frogs galore in the ponds !!

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Has anyone noticed the frogs traversing the countryside these late evenings?

Our ponds were bubbling with them early this morning. When I first arrived, the pond water looks like it was boiling! I went for the camera. Lots of frog spawn, although all the frogs (bar one) had dived for cover by time I’d taken a photo. Even the one in the photo is blurred as it is mid-escape.

Mar 16th – And now we have wiggling … jiggling … tadpoles. I promise to take a picture this week and create a new post.